What our Customers say...


After strong winds, we had some damage that needed to be cleaned up, SERVPRO of Northeast Ontario/Kaiser helped us to clean up and dry out our home so that we could put it all back together. 

Our air conditioner leaked and caused damage throughout the attic, thank you SERVPRO of Northeast Ontario/Kaiser. 

After a nearby wildfire, our home had soot and a bad smell throughout. Thank you SERVPRO of Northeast Ontario/Kaiser for helping to clean up. 

After my toddler tried to flush all their toys, we had a huge mess. Thank you SERVPRO of Northeast Ontario/Kaiser for helping to clean it all up. 

Thank you SERVPRO of Northeast Ontario/Kaiser for helping dry our home after we suffered from wind damage. 

We had smoke damage in our home from an old appliance and did not know what to do. Luckily our insurance agent recommended SERVPRO of Northeast Ontario/Kaiser to us because they did a fantastic job. 

When our office had a broken pipe, we did not know who to call. We are so happy that we decided to call SERVPRO of Northeast Ontario/Kaiser. They did a great job! 

Our neighbor had a home fire occur in their garage. We were lucky and only suffered from some smoke smell in ours. We saw how great SERVPRO of Northeast Ontario/Kaiser was for our neighbors so we also hired them to help us, and they did great! 

We had concerns about how we would keep our coffee shop open and safe with COVID but now we know to trust SERVPRO of Northeast Ontario/Kaiser. They came out and cleaned the space and were able to give us peace of mind about running our business as safe as possible. 

After a dishwasher leak, we did not know what to do or who to call. Lucky for us our neighbor recommended SERVPRO of Northeast Ontario/Kaiser and we could not be happier with the decision. 

We had some rain come in our attic and caused all sorts of damage. SERVPRO of Northeast Ontario/Kaiser was able to dry the wood out and clean up all the stuff we had stored in our attic. 

We had some damage to the siding of our home after a grilling accident, SERVPRO of Northeast Ontario/Kaiser was able to clean everything up and were great to work with. 

We had a pipe break in our office while we were closed due to COVID and caused a lot of damage. SERVPRO of Northeast Ontario/Kaiser was able to come out quickly when we called and helped clean up and dry out the space. 

We had soot and smoke damage in our home from a nearby fire. They came out fast and cleaned everything up, it smells so much better!

We had wind damage to our roof and it caused water to get into our attic. SERVPRO of Northeast Ontario / Kaiser was able to help dry everything out!

I woke up one morning around 3:30 am to check on the baby and when I stepped out of my bed I was up to my ankles in water. After waking my husband, we found the source of the problem...a broken washing machine hose. We immediately called SERVPRO of NE Ontario and Kaiser who came out right away and made our middle of the night disaster back to normal within a few days.

Wildfires came through our neighborhood and we were lucky that our house didn't catch fire but it was covered in soot and the smoke was horrible. SERVPRO took care of everyone on our street and when it was over you could see the damage on the hills behind us, but all our homes didn't smell like smoke anymore.

Someone accidentally set off the sprinkler system in our complex and we had water everywhere. Our insurance company told us to call SERVPRO and we are glad they did. This is a hard working team with all the latest technology to check for moisture and make sure that mold didn't start growing. Thanks SERVPRO!

Tamara is the best! One call for a water leak got us back on our feet.

Our building was affected by the coronavirus and our employees and customers were at risk. We called these guys up and they sanitized everything. Now they come by once a week to make sure we stay clean and disinfected. It is well worth it to have the peace of mind that we are doing our part.

We bought a house that had been flooded. We didn't know what to do, so we called SERVPRO and they knew exactly how to fix the walls, flooring, and remove all the bad odors. We will call them next time we need help with water damage.

As the operations manager for a large company, we could not afford to have the office shut down. We had a massive leak and thought our company would have to close for several weeks, but SERVPRO came out and worked all weekend to help us get back up and running. We only missed one day of work and it's all thanks to these hardworking individuals who really came through when we were in a tight spot.

Sewer backups are the worst. When the upstairs toilet overflowed, we thought it couldn't get worse, but then the ceiling collapsed too. Tamara and her team came right out and took care of everything. They are the best. I would recommend them to anyone.

My daughter found mold growing in her room and the mold inspector recommended to have SERVPRO clean it up. When they were done, you couldn't smell it or see it. It was completely fixed and the house was dry. Thank you SERVPRO.

We had a fire in our kitchen and they hooked us up in record time. When it was done, it was "Like it never even happened."

I called them for help at my mom's house. They came out fast and did great work! 

SERVPRO of Northeast Ontario/Kaiser has a great team!

We had a small fire damage occur in the kitchen of our home, the soot and smoke spread around the whole house. SERVPRO of Northeast Ontario/Kaiser was great to work with and we felt completely taken care of. 

We needed to have our office cleaned and SERVPRO of Northeast Ontario/Kaiser came in and gave us complete peace of mind. 

SERVPRO of Northeast Ontario/Kaiser helped when we had a water damage, they were great!