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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

SERVPRO of Northeast Ontario/Kaiser Removes Lingering Odors

First: Thank you to the firefighters

Before we start on the topic, we want to express our appreciation and admiration for all the firefighters who are trying to contain the fires here in California, and in Washington and Oregon.

Those of who us who own/operate or work at SERVPRO® of Northeast Ontario/Kaiser have learned to expect wildfires, but these are scarier than the ones from recent years. The devastation is frightening, yet firefighters face it every day.

Firefighters from across the United States have joined their professional sisters and brothers in California. Firefighters from Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, and Australia have also joined them.

Thank you so much

Muchísimas gracias

Oh, the odors

Some odors are like ants at a picnic. They arrive and cannot be persuaded to leave. We think we’ve gotten rid of them, and then we see them again.  Throw a towel over the ants, and it doesn’t matter. They don’t stay hidden. Bad odors are like that.

Smoke (from tobacco, kitchen accidents), soot, pet urine, skunk spray, and other animal emissions are odors that seem to become part of the house.

Call SERVPRO of Northeast Ontario/Kaiser at (909) 390-0238.

We clean and disinfect the entire area, including the air ducts. Removing the source of the odor goes a long way to removing the odor, but there may be lingering particles that travel through the house. That’s why we use specialized equipment to remove the particles.

We get rid of the odors. We don’t cover them up.

Offensive odors as offense

The U.S. Army created a stench called “U.S. Government Standard Bathroom Malodor”, supposedly to test cleaning products. Civilian scientists working for the defense department used it to create a stink bomb that would disperse crowds. Unfortunately (or fortunately), they couldn’t figure out to keep the smell directed towards the crowds instead of the users, so they couldn’t use it as a weapon.

Two brothers we’ll call “Older” and “Younger” to protect the guilty: According to Younger, Older had “limburger feet”. Older therefore enjoyed sticking his feet in Younger’s face. Younger and Older shared a room, and Older refused to keep his shoes in his own closet. Younger started putting the shoes outside after Older fell asleep, bringing them inside before Older woke up. Alas, Younger overslept and Older found out.

The Worst Smells?

The U.S. Government Standard Bathroom Malodor is probably on a list of worst smells. We did start looking up rankings of the worst smell but found two problems. The lesser problem is that there is some disagreement. Garlic, for example, smells great to some people and terrible to others.

The bigger problem is that the list was mostly disgusting. No one over 12-years wants to read it.

The Best Smells

  • Freshly cut grass
  • Coffee
  • Fresh home-baked bread
  • Bacon (even many vegetarians like it!)
  • Citrus
  • Mint
  • Vanilla
  • Rosemary
  • Rain

When the aromas aren’t good

Call us at (909) 390-0238.